Naturopathie et homéopathie offerts à Montréal

Integrated Health

This integrated clinic brings together different practitioners of complementary approaches to meet the diverse health needs of our community.

We promote a truly integrated medical approach offering the highest standards of excellence in a full range of care and approaches.

The clinic includes practitioners from several disciplines including: Naturopathic & functional medicine, homeopathy, spiritual psychotherapy, as well as other approaches.


Our approach

With us, health is much more than the absence of disease! Our common goal is to support you on the path to optimal health. The goal of our clinicians is not limited to removing your symptoms but rather to identifying and then correcting the problem at its source in order to provide you with tangible results. and durable.

Because you are unique, we take the time to establish a personalized health program that takes into account your specific needs such as your diet, your lifestyle, the psychosocial and environmental factors that affect you, etc.

We are firmly committed to making a difference, one patient at a time.


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Menopause and naturopathy

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Why use homeopathy?

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