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The healing journeys are the result of the professional and personal trajectory of Chantal Ann Dumas, ND.A. After a first career in the tourism industry, she experienced health problems that led her to a career change in Naturopathy, and then the study of Medical Anthropology.

Over more than 20 years of clinical practice, Chantal Ann has been able to observe the importance for our health of taking time for ourselves, getting out of our comfort zone and reconnecting with nature, promoting beautiful exchanges and living the present time. She also concluded that diseases almost always result from the fracture between the soul and the personality. This fracture is exerted by the weight of the pressures which surround us and distance us from our deep being. It therefore turns out to be very beneficial to be in an environment that promotes our inner reconnection and the emergence of a new level of awareness. This inner alignment, sometimes referred to as ‘the flow’ is quintessential to any process of deep healing and the maintenance of health.

As part of these trips, Chantal Ann draws on her long experience as a clinical naturopath trained in different approaches, her training as a medical anthropologist and her in-depth knowledge of destinations and cultures to support you and transmit her passion to you. She is surrounded by other qualified professionals to ensure that you have a safe and memorable transformation experience.

Healing journeys offered:

  • Nature and culture (Cuba)
  • Tantra (Antigua)
  • Healing in Mayan Land (Mexico)
  • Meeting with dolphins (Cuba)

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