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Donna’s 22 years of experience as owner and manager of nursing homes really set the stage for her homeopathic career. During those years, she witnessed first-hand the suffering of hundreds of seniors afflicted from a wide variety of acute and chronic diseases, including the process of passing on. In her heart, she knew there was more that could be done to support people and lessen their suffering. Fortunately, she was introduced to homeopathy in 1980 by her father-in-law during a trip to South Asia. She immediately wanted to find out more! After much research on her own, she enrolled at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH) in 2005. Being no stranger to serious studies, she completed her program in 2009 and managed to also obtain a 3-year certification in naturopathy at Natural Health Consultants (NHC).

She began her practice with children, knowing that healthy children will result in healthier adults and less suffering from chronic diseases as one ages. Then in 2012, she had the opportunity to study homeopathy in India with a group of world-renowned homeopaths. Her experience there broadened the scope of her practice to encompass all kinds of ailments; whether coming from physical, mental or emotional origins, covering all age groups.

During her consultations, she selects homeopathic remedies after listening to her clients and identifying what living life to their full potential and optimal health means to them. Homeopathy is gentle enough to support children with little or no side effect, but it can also be used efficiently in acute situations. It is also helpful with early childhood behavioral issues and chronic diseases at all stages of life. Homeopathy is a great approach for people who seek to be involved in their health process and incorporate improvements to their lifestyle. It can safely be combined with conventional medicine and other medical modalities.

Since her initial contact with homeopathy, Donna has managed to maintain her health using homeopathic remedies, even as she travelled worldwide. Her drive to practice and promote homeopathy comes from sharing and giving back. She keeps her own energy balanced and flowing by gardening, travelling, cooking with her herbs and daily doses of listening to others and nature. After 10 years of witnessing the endless possibilities of homeopathy, Donna continues pursuing her studies and research in homeopathy, nutrition and all aspects pertaining to health.

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